Farming: A Career Change

May 24, 2016 Travis Farm LifeHomesteadingMoving

A conventional job is often described as comfortable, stable, or secure.  Whether or not that is actually accurate, it can certainly feel that way.  However, humans tend to be rather illogical about things and that perceived security may not be as secure as it feels.  Regardless, comfortable easily describes many jobs.  Routine and known things […]


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Penske Truck

September 12, 2014 Travis Moving

We have ended up using Penske trucks for the bulk of our move.  For some reason, their prices are consistently far below U-Haul and Budget.  We have been very pleased with the trucks, but being the odd person I am, I also find them somewhat amusing.  There is something kind of pleasing about driving a […]




September 9, 2014 Travis Moving

In order to downsize as much as possible prior to the end of the move, I’ve been posting as much stuff on Craigslist as I can.  While this is an amazing tool, it is also greatly frustrating.  I’m always amazed that people seem to fall into categories and are really pretty predictable.  You can often […]


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Kansas Hail Storm

July 30, 2014 Travis Moving

We have had the “pleasure” of many trips across I-70 this summer.  I use the quotes because it seems that KS weather along I-70 is nearly always lousy.  I mean no disrespect to KS, but that corridor really doesn’t make me long for KS.  We encountered strong winds on most trips, some thunderstorms and even […]



Ah vehicles and our good friend Murphy

July 22, 2014 Travis Moving

Last Thursday, the family all headed down to Trinidad, CO (sex change capitol of the US… who knew?) to pick up a small horse trailer.  We had been looking in Colorado Springs and Denver, but apparently July is the hot month for buying horse trailers.  So, we ended up making the longer drive.  We weren’t […]



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