Chores with a Baby

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Chores with a baby


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While Travis was driving back and forth from Colorado to Missouri, having adventures like this, I stayed home and held down the fort.  I did as much packing as I could and cared for my 6 year old and 6 month old.  There were also rabbits, chickens and dairy goats to care for.  Chores were done twice a day, every day.  With a baby.  Alone.  For the entire summer.

It sounds challenging, but really it wasn’t.  My 6 year old is an animal lover and loves to help out, so she was easy.  How did I manage with a baby?  Baby wearing.

I knew that I wanted to continue to be outside gardening and taking care of the animals with my baby.  With my older 2 kids I didn’t have a baby carrier that worked well for me.  I always ended up with a backache.  But I had heard about ergonomic baby carriers that you could use to front carry or back carry you baby.  There are a lot of great carriers and brands, a lot of great choices.  After doing my research on what would work for me, I chose a Boba

When my baby was tiny, I carried her in the front and did what I could outside, and then did the rest when she was napping.  Front carrying a baby does limit what you can do outside a bit.  Milking a goat, for example is a bit of a challenge.  Once she got older, and she met the weight requirement, I carried her on my back.  It has proven to be everything I was hoping for.  No back ache and baby is comfortable and happy.  I cannot imagine farm life with a baby without it.



Collecting eggs, milking our goats, toss hay bales, garden, dig holes, etc all can be done with the baby on my back.  I love it because I can be outside, doing what I love.  The baby?  She absolutely loves it.  Going outside and seeing the animals makes her happy.  She seems to think being cozied up to mom isn’t so bad either. 

If we’re ever having a cranky day, nothing cheers mom and baby up more than to put the baby in the carrier and go outside.  The winter has been very mild so far here in southern Missouri, so I have continued to wear my baby out to do chores.   Just bundle her up and out we go!

We have a lot of plans this spring; greenhouses to put up, garden beds to construct, fence to build, trees to plant….. I could go on and on.  I plan to be out in the thick of it, wearing my baby on my back.

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