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Poison Ivy



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Poison ivy is something that you typically look out for in the summer.  However, you need to be cautious in the fall as well.  The poison ivy plants still retain urushiol, the oil allergen that can cause an allergic skin reaction, even when the plants are dead.  In fact, even the roots have urushiol on them.

I found this out first hand when planting our fruit trees the beginning of November.  Most of our fruit trees were planted in a grassy area.  But some were planted in an area from which we had cleared out brambles.  Apparently there was poison ivy growing somewhere among the brambles, as a day later, I noticed a couple angry red streaks on my right forearm and the back of my hand.  I didn’t see any poison ivy during the planting, but we had had a couple hard frosts so everything was rather brown and dead.  To keep myself from scratching the spots, I covered them with a bandage.  No big deal.

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